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El Dorado 


El Dorado, Kansas 
May, 1946 


Dedication . . . . 

WE, the staff, dedicate this 1946 edition of the Grizzly Growls, to a 
man who has devoted his life for almost two decades to the moulding' and 
shaping of the junior college. He was one of the first persons to endorse 
the experiment of this type of education in Kansas and he has stuck with 
it through thick and thin and has seen it flower into a strong and useful 
institution. He is a quiet, calm man whose keen mind, cheerful smile and 
sincere personality has guided the thoughts and actions of those who pass 
through our portals to ways of higher living, who without his suggestions 
and encouragements may have never completed their education. 

Through his inspiration of courage, unselfishness and devoted love 
we, the class of 1946 shall seek to become better citizens. We hereby re- 
spectfully dedicate this book to our friend and dean, Earl Walker. 

is for 




Wini Steiner, Student President 

Earl Walker, Dean 



Earl Walker, Dean 

J. F. Hughes, 

Superintendent of Schools 

Standing left to right: Ralph Wallingford, Instrumental Music; Glen R. Smith, Com- 
merce, Head of Dept. ; George H. Schoneberg, Industrial Education; Luther R. 
Franklin, Art. 

Seated, left to right: Mrs. Amy Laybourn, Hygiene; Marie Lafferty, Foods; Jeanette 
Barbour, Vocal Music; Ferna E. Wrestler, Mathmetics; Myrrl Houck, Libriarian. 
Not pictured: W. M. Grove, Biology; Joe Wallace, Athletics; C. Omer, Ethics. 

Standing, left to right: L. W. Nixon, English; A. H. Cornwell, Social Science; S. H. 
Coffman, Chemistry; Luke B. Headrick, Mechanical Drawing. 

Seated, left to right: Mrs. Cannon, Librarian; Virginia M. Davis, Commerce; Earl 
Walker, Dean, Biology and Psychology; Gladys Beuchat, Modern Foreign Lan- 
guages; Gene Shelden, Clothing. 


Student Council 

First vow (left to right — Dean Walker, Beuchat, Keith, Steiner, Godding, Westler, 

Second row — Schrepfer, McBride, Doane, Low, Walker, Siegrist, Baird, Shaffer. 

Student Council meeting at eight-fifteen 

And not a single council member to be seen 

But we know at eight-twenty, they'll be there or bust 

Because it's in these people that we've put our trust. 

But even though Student Council members had as hard a time getting 
out of bed as the rest of us, they really got a lot accomplished this year. 

The campaign for student president was really a scorcher with many 
signs, bands, posters, and editorials, but when Wini Steiner pulled out the 
greatest number of votes, everyone was happy to cooperate. 

Without our Student Council to start us talking and to back us up, 
we might never have had : Freshman Initiation with the green, and the 
purple and gold caps ; good support of bond and stamp drives ; Room 1-1, 
unless hostesses had been provided ; and improved attendance at assemblies, 
and the Grizzly Den. We certainly couldn't have had our blessed, longed- 
for, begged-for, worked-for annual ; and we'd have missed the wonderful, 
united school spirit we've all enjoyed. 

Here's three cheers for Student Council, the listening and working 
heart of Juco. 

The officers this year are : President, Wini Steiner ; Vice President, 
Mary Keith; Secretary, Vina Godding. 


Allen, Glen 
Anglemyer, Martin 
Arnall, Jo Ann 
Ayler, Merle 
Baird, Margaret 

Bechtold, Corrine 
Binter, William 
Brunson, Montie 
Bare, Edward 
Coffman, Robert 

Davis, Darleeri 
Delaney, Virginia 
Ferguson, Elvin 
Ferguson, Thaddeus 
Gifford, Dorothy 

Haring, Lloyd 
Johnson, Pieratt 
Johnson, William 
Keith, Mary Lou 
Leben, Adeline 

McBride, Vivian 
Marquardt, Velda 

Locke, Violet 
Low, Ada 
Lutz, Goldie 
Oliver, John 
Pond, June 

Meyer, O. W. Jr. 
Miller, Maxine 
Mooers, Ruth 
Stansbury, Lucretia 
Steiner, Winifred 

Schrepfer, Jonne 
Siegrist, Margaret 
Sparks, Raymond 
Swengel, Robert 
Walker, Ross 


Judy Schrepfer 

Ada Low 


Violet Locke 

Class of 1946 

Now that we have finally reached our sophomore year in college, we 
hate to see it pass. It is the end of many good times in Juco, but the 
memories will keep us busy for years to come. We have, incidentally, 
gained access to knowledge that will help us in the future. Our teachers 
have not only instructed us in our classwork but also have become our 
friends and advisors. 

Even though we thought for awhile that we were in a girls' school, 
we have now been encouraged. This last semester has shown a great in- 
crease in th male population and without a doubt, this has increased our 
activities to a large extent. 

Judy Schrepfer, as president of the class, led us through Freshman 
Initiation and other events too numerous to mention. Ada Low was vice 
president and Violet Locke, secretary and treasurer. 



V lPi' 

. ,..■ •;:■:.■ .:■. V :■. . . 
... ■ ,'.■■■ 


First Row — Kelley, McKinney, Moore, Rowe, Smith, Ashton, Bell, Beal, Fowler, 

Hobson, Holladay, T. Ferguson. 
Second Row — Grist, Binter, Allen, Persons, Mooers, Clymer, Wilson, Perry, Mathews, 

Bonnell, Ayler. 
Third Row — Oliver, Anglemyer, Walker, Heston, Coffman, W. Johnson, P. Johnson, 

Black, Lehman, E. Johnson, Haring, Meyer, Swengel, Malcolm, E. Ferguson. 

Not Pictured: O'Neal, Walk. 

Welcome Back, Boys! 


In Memoriam . . . . 

E. J. C. Students Who Gave Their Lives 
In Defense Of Their Country: 

James J. Binter 
Edward Brumback 
Edward Cole 
Frank Gonzales 
James Guyot 
Calvin Jacoby 
Jodie R. Lowrance 
Wayne Reed 
Richard Strickland 
Darrell Whitmore 
James Woods 
Bill Davidson 
Paul DeLong 
Donald King 

Loren Hull 
Emmett Hesselbarth 
Howard Hibbler 
Dave Main 
Martin Mahannah 
J. W. Marsh 
Oren Newby 
Harry Moore 
Lee Ow 

Thomas Wilmarth 
Dick Yelley 
Herschel Brown 
Walter Bertram 


Freshmen - - Class of 1 947 

The freshman class of '45 and '46 on that great day in September, 
filed into the office to meet the Dean and face enrollment . . . the first 
day was, as usual, a hub-bub of wondering how, when, and where. 

After we became organized in the first class meeting, the problem of 
whitewashing the letters on the hill presented itself .... (because of the 
man-power shortage in the college, it became necessary for us to seek aid 
from the sophomore class in this job). 

We'll always remember that morning when requirements for initia- 
tion day were posted. 

After our nine weeks exams and our initiation day, we were full- 
fledged freshmen. Some of our class will stay to become sophomores in 
Juco and others will go, but none of us will forget our first year in college. 

The officers this year are: President, Jim Fullinwider; Vice Presi- 
dent, Dona Maddux; Secretary, Jane Schreck; Treasurer, Maxine Brad- 

President - 
Vice President 
Treasurer - - 

Jim Fullinwide 

- Dona Maddu: 

Jane Schrecl 

Maxine Bradbur 

Row 1 — (left to right) Nufer, Pershall, Kelley, McKinney, Moore, Rowe, Smith, Hollis, Lehman, Black, 

Hobson, Holladay. 
Row 2 — Hefty, Watts, Steiner, Dennis, Laybourn Smith, Bradbury, Bell, Nonken, Knollenberg, 

Bailey, Bruce. 
Row 3 — Ashton, Allen, Persons, Bell, Clymer, Wilson, Bonnell, Fowler, Beal, McCoy, Perry. 
Not Pictured: Mrs. Beatty, Gray, Walk, Woodward. 

■ ■:■,.:■:.■ ■ .:■;, v ■.;. :.:. ■ ■■■ ■ ■■.:■■ .. ■■:■■ : , 

■'P <^ 


Ife. Mu m ' ' '" W ' ' .'-?^-^'**kmi>^Mf*W^i*GaS&^^ m sup ^ «m 

Row 1 — Weber, Stroud, Overton, Haymes, Erdwien, Haines, Malcolm, Brammer, Seal, Parrish, Mason, 

Fullinwider, Jones. 
Row 2 — Waite, Mattix, Green, Trost, Snook, Doubek, Pipkin, Shaffer, Cruse, Barber, Maddux, Hig- 

genbotham, Miller, Beuchat (sponsor). 
Row 3 — Nixon (sponsor), Clark, Garcia, Allen, Knox, Shepherd, Jack, Arp, Murray, Knox, Godding, 

Duncan, Helling, Doane, Grady, Harris, White, Fowler, Pizinger, Schreck, McGahan. 






Phyllis Doane, Queen; John Brammer, King 


Beginning course in Snackology 
Hail to you Alma Mater 
Visiting Day (true friends) 
Staggerin' out (test day) 

Got your algebra? 

Juco's twins? 
Waiting for the train to come in ! 

Seven come eleven 

Definitely obsolete 

They Dood it! 
Problems of the day. 
It's amazing what make 
up will do ! 

Hot Shots 

Why most men have 

The last straw 

Look at the birdie 

Love those guys! 

Juco pep 

Smiles that make us happy 

Air Raids! 


Suzie - Q 
Stop droolin' 
Wrong way Sparky 

Ran out of film 

Instructors in the Atlas 

Course (huba) 
Get busy you Freshmen! 
The Sen-Son Gang 
Ladies in waiting? 
All in a day's work! 

Ohhhhhh Berty 
Oh, but he's married 
C. O.'s no doubt 
Hi Shorty 
What's this? 

Take it easy 
Whatcha lookin for? 
Aren't they cute? 
Nice — ah-h-h 
Eager Beaver! 



September 7, 1945 

September 9, 1945 
September 10, 1945 

September 18, 1945 

September 19, 1945 

September 20, 1945 

October 17, 1945 

November 2, 1945 

November 12, 1945 
November 16, 1945 

November 22, 1945 

November 29, 1945 
December 2, 1945 
December 5, 1945 

December 13, 1945 

December 22, 1945 

January 3, 1946 

January 18, 1946 

January 21, 1946 

January 23, 1946 
January 25, 1946 

February 5, 1946 
February 14, 1946 
February 22-23, 1946 

February 25, 1946 

February 26, 1946 
March 1-2, 1946 
March 5, 1946 

March 4, 1946 
March 12, 1946 
April 12, 1946 
May 3, 1946 
May 16, 1946 

May 19-24, 1946 
May 19, 1946 
May 24, 1946 

"Where do we go?" That was the question most freshmen and sophomores were ask- 
ing as we went to our first assembly this morning. 
Teachers had a hard time finding stray Freshmen about the building. 
First International Relations Club meeting was held. Plans for another meeting are 
being made for the election of officers. 

Y. W. C. A. Get Acquainted Party. Approximately fifty girls came dressed as song 
titles. We really had a gay old time. 

Clubs organized and officers elected. Big plans are being made for the coming 

Pi Delta Theta elected new members and they were initiated tonight. Fun was had 
by everyone, even the new members. 

Freshmen caps arrived, also Sophomores are wearing caps this year — gold and purple 
too. They really look slick. 

Thank heavens, one whole day holiday. I can't believe it. Wot'a relief. After two 
months of hard work and no play. Teacher's meeting. 
Jack and a few others were beginning to be dull. 

Dean Walker is in the hospital. We all miss him very much, and hope he will be 
back with us soon. 

Grade cards out today. If we haven't made as good grades as we would like to, 
let's get busy with those lessons and bring those grades up to where we will be proud 
of them. 

Thanksgiving vacation. We all give thanks for a holiday. Most of the teachers 
have gone to their homes. We can have a little peace and quiet for a while. 
Juco's got a Basketball team. We have great hopes for the team this year. 
Back again. I dare not look at the bulletin board. There is a long list of tardies. 
Cheerleaders were elected today. Cheer-leaders — basketball team — it all seems like 
a dream of about four years ago. 

New character makes her appearance in Juco today. She first dropped into Mr. 
Nixon's second hour English Lit. class. She seems to have taken a liking to one of 
our freshman boys. In fact she has captured everyone's heart around Juco. She has 
been given the name of Betty Grable. We know that our new friend, Miss Grable 
will never be able to make the honor roll on her grade points, for she can neither read 
or write but she will definitely remain in all our hearts for her catnips and purrin' 
ways — yes, you guessed it, Miss Grable is a kitten. 

Christmas Holidays! Dear Santa Claus: Please bring us some good grades and an all 
day sucker. Everybody's off for Home Sweet Home. 

I made 60 per coming up those terrible steps just after the bell this morning. These 
holidays are ruinous. 

Those horrid exams are finally over and now all I can do is wait to see if I'm still 

a Jucoite. 

Hold everything! Juco was never like this. We have over 40 ex-G. I.'s enrolled this 

morning and why wouldn't that make a difference. 

Played Chanute in basketball and won 43-27. More fun! 

Got quite an upset tonight when Ark City beat us in basketball. Well, we can't al- 
ways win. 

Basketball plays a big part in our school. We won from Friends University tonight. 

Ah! Valentine's Day. Cupid has been very good to us this year. 

Played host to seven Junior Colleges at the basketball tournament, 
of fun, especially since we won first honors. 

Sophomore girls went to a wonderful dinner given by the B. P. W. C. 
so beautiful. 

We had the school party tonight and everyone acted as if he had a good time. 

Delegates went to the I. R. C. at Emporia. Reports are very good. How about that? 

Pi Delta Theta presented "The Crimson Coconut," in order to raise money for the 

Spring sports were started. Hurray! 

Play cast was announced. Practice will start Monday. 

The play was given. It was definitely a success. We had a lot of fun giving it too. 

Y. W. Tea. 

All the collegians in dress up attire made the spring formal smack of "real up town 
stuff." Quite the best occasion of the season. 

Exams, farewells — everything over for a wonderful year at college. 

Tonight Baccalaureate services were held for Junior College and Senior High students. 

Tonight was the last night of our Junior College experiences which we shall never 

Really was a lot 
Everyone looked 


is for 






First Row— (left to right) Beal, Coffman, Walker, Bell, Grist, Johnson, Binter, Swengel, Holladay, 

(check boy). 
Second Row — (left to right) Coach Groves, Brammer, Jones, Moore, Fullinwider, Hollis, Holladay, 

Hobson, Ashton, Perry, Coach Wallace. 
Not Pictured: Lehman, Black. 


By Clymer 

Resuming basketball after an absence 
of two seasons the El Dorado Grizzlies made 
an excellent showing. 

Lack of sufficient interest and players 
among some schools this year made league 
play impractical. Games were scheduled 
with schools that supported teams and much 
interest was shown. With the war now over 
and men returning to school it is believed 
that athletics may resume their pre-war 
schedule by next fall. 

The Grizzlies began their season very 
slowly, drawing heavily on the manpower 
then enrolled. Experience was at a minimum 
but enthusiasm was great. The second 
semester brought back many former stu- 
dents with more experience and the team 
steadily improved. 

As a finale, the Grizzlies were hosts to 
eight competing teams for an unofficial 
state tournament. Much interest was shown 
and many of the games were thrillers. 
El Dorado went through the bracket unde- 
feated by upsetting favored Kansas City 
Junior College for the championship. 

Season's Games 

El Dorado 25 

Ark City 21 


St. John 47 


Wichita U. "B" 46 


Central College 50 


St. John 43 


Chanute 27 


Ark City 53 


Central College 29 


Friends U. 29 


Friends U. 16 


Wichita U. "B" 33 


Chanute 33 

Tournament Scores 

El Dorado 48 

Coffeyville 36 


Dodge City 36 



Kansas City 41 


The Grizzlies ended the season of sports 
with a good tennis and track team. The 
The track team attended the K. U. relays 
and several tournaments. For the first time 
since 1942 Juco has boasted a track and 
tennis team — they made an excellent show- 


Varsity Club 

Varsity Club was formed second sem- 
ester of this year when five former mem- 
bers, of the returning veterans, came back 
to enroll in Juco. Before the war this 
was a fairly large organization which is 
now composed of all men who have made a 
letter in our interscholastic sports. We now 
have representatives of the state cham- 
pion football team of 1942 that won all 
eight games of the season ; Bob Swen- 
gel, Bill Binter, and Pieratt Johnson, Merle 
Ayler is also a two year football letterman 
playing on the 1940 and '41 teams that 
had very successful seasons. Warren 
Grist made his letter when he played on 
the 1941 tennis team, Bob Swengle was a 
member of our last track team before the 
war brought that sport to a halt. 

These five men were elected as offi- 
cers of the club with Bob Swengle as pres- 
ident, Bill Binter vice-president, Pieratt 
Johnson secretary, Merle Ayler, treasurer, 
and Warren Grist as the Student Council 
representative. Our new coach, Joe Wal- 
lace, who is also a returned serviceman, is 
the sponsor. With this year's letter men 
in basketball and track the organization 
once again is active in school policies and 

f" ' i 


Judy Sehrepfer, Elvin Ferguson, Evelyn Shaffer. 


Y. W. C. A. 

To the National Y. W. C. A. Board, the El Dorado club is just one 
of 1,418. Our club may seem small to them, but to the girls of Juco, it 
holds a place of paramount importance. To the citizens of El Dorado it 
gives an assurance that Christian living still exists in the younger circle. 

New members were introduced into the Y. W. C. A. by a get-acquaint- 
ed party in the library, given soon after school started. 

At Christmas we had a caroling party. It was enjoyed both by the 
Y. W. members, and our special guests, of the evening, the boys of Juco. 

We had one day and one night meeting a month. The day meeting 
was held during activity period. In these meetings we had special 
programs and discussed social problems. 

Our night meetings were parties and after the formal meeting, games 
were played, and refreshments were served. 



The curtain falls on the third act of "Last Stop" and Pi Delta Theta 
has finished another successful year. Although we were unable to pre- 
sent a fall play, the spring - play was a huge success. 

Besides our main play, we had several smaller plays. Among these 
were "Fatal Quest" and "The Crimson Cocoanut." The latter play 
was given to raise money for this annual. 

The most fun for the older members was the initiation. We really 
gave it to them, since we had the chance. 

The officers this year are: President, Judy Schrepfer; Vice-president, 
Neil Erdwien; Secretary, Montie Brunson; Treasurer, Ada Low. 


Standing: Nixon, Stansbury, Mattix, Low, Godding, Schrepfer, Clymer, Harris, Johnson, Laybourn, 

Gifford, McBride, Oliver. 
Seated: Green, Steiner, Pipkin, Maddux, Swengel, Knollenberg, Duncan. 
Not pictured: Heston. 


Science Club 

Lights out. Curtain. Action. No, it's not the first nighters, it's only 
the science club developing films in Mr. Coffman's basement. The club 
membership more than doubled itself this year and we always had a gala 
time. Especially the picnic out at the lake, with boy scout Wentling trying 
to build a giant bonfire and everyone stuffing himself with hotdogs, 
cokes and everything that goes with them. Then the parties in Mr. Coff- 
man's basement. There were certainly some exciting ping pong tourna- 
ments. Also, we got quite a bang out of the piano as we pounded out 
"Corine, Corina," making the walls expand about two feet. Yep, we really 
had lots of fun, not to mention how much we learned. Say, I didn't know 
Mr. Coffman was so good at telling fish stories. The officers this year 
were: Ada Low, president; Phyllis Doane, vice-president; and Dona Mad- 
dux, secretary-treasurer. 


International Relations Club 

Did you know that if the British Isles were not near Europe, there 
would be no English Channel? How did I get so smart? International 
Relations Club, of course. Remember those wonderful times we had dis- 
cussing everything from kings to buck privates? There were service men 
to tell of their experiences in foreign countries and among strange people, 
book reports, and discussion groups which presented challenging material 
for our consideration. The climax of the year's activity was the Inter- 
national Relations Club's annual convention held in Emporia in March. 
It was the first such convention to be held in three years, and El Dorado 
Juco sent five delegates who participated in the activities of the conven- 
tion. The club has helped this year to crystallize the thinking of Juco 
students on the international scene. Mr. Cornwell is the sponsor of this 



"The Voice" — that's what the Grizzly Growls is (and we think it's 
even better than Sinatra!) Darleen Davis, Dona Maddux, Mary Mattix and 
Mary Lou Keith as editors and a lot of super sleuths on the staff tore their 
hair every Tuesday trying to get the paper ready and when it came out on 
Friday in the Butler County News it was a school paper of poems, quota- 
tions, gossip, editorials, features, and accounts of school activities of which 
Juco could rightly be proud. The best edition of the Growls was the Christ- 
mas one of two full pages. Mr. Nixon it was, who, as sponsor, had to "wade" 
through all the articles and finally, they met with his approval, (aha, 
there's the rub!) put his "ok" on them. In addition to working on the 
paper, the journalism students had several parties and picnics, all of which 
adds up to a lot of fun ! 

Seated (left to right) — Maddux, Davis, Steiner, Schrepfer, Bechtold, Marquardt, Mattix. 
Standing (left to right) — McBride, Clark, Baird, Fowler, Nixon, Schreck, Erdwien, Mason, Sparks, 
Brunson, Low, Keith, Arnall. 



We racked our brains, we tore our hair. 
Sometime we said we didn't care, 
But still we slaved and did our best, 
And the little tin can did all the rest. 
Now finances kept us raving mad, 
And even at times a little sad. 
The writeups we begged and pleaded for 
And to sell an annual we pleaded more. 
So here it is and may it be 
The best one you will ever see! 

(Left to right — Low, Erdwien, Godding, Doane, Maddux, Davis, Mattix, Barber, Schrepfer, Steiner. 
Not pictured: Clymer, Miss Beuchat, Miss Wrestler. 


Staff . 

Editor - - Doris Darleen Davis 
Associate Editor - Dona Maddux 
Business Managers - Phyllis Doane 

Vina Lou Godding 
Judy Schrepfer 
Norma Ruth Barber 
Dave Clymer 
Neil Erdwien 
- Winifred Steiner 
Mary Mattix 

Ada Low 

- Montie Brunson 

Jo Ann Arnall 

Miss Wrestler 
Miss Beuchat 

Art Editor - 
Sports Editor 


Typists : - 



of the toil, sweat and gray hairs that have develop- 
ed, during the publication of this 1946 Grizzly Growls, I 
should like to extend my apologies for being so tyrannical as 
to cause them. 

Words cannot express my wholehearted gratitude for the 
cooperation and assistance shown by all members of the staff 
for it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with such 
wonderful people. 

Because it is impossible to list all those who contributed 
to making our book a success I should like to give recognition 
to those who helped so very much. I am grateful to Dean 
Walker, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Headrick, Mr. Cornwell, Mr. Schone- 
berg, Mr. Omer, Mr. Smith and all other faculty members; 
the caretakers of the building; Mrs. J. C. Mattox, the Board of 
Education and the El Dorado businessmen for all suggestions 
and contributions given ; the student council and the student 
body as a whole and especially Jane Schreck, Margaret Baird, 
Mary Lou Keith, Vivian McBride, Pauline Fowler, Corrine 
Bechtold, Pieratt Johnson, Chuck Hollis, Neil Erdwien, 
Evelyn Shaffer and Velda Marquardt, who have helped so 
much in the composition. 

I also wish to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Bud and Roy 
Thompson, Mr. Paul F. Dunn, Mr. J. W. Greenbank and Mr. 
Frank Adrian for their fine work we now display. 

I wish to thank all other persons or organizations whom 
I have neglected to mention. I sincerely trust that this book 
lives up to all the expectations of the student body and I hope 
that in the years to come the happiness and good times found 
in this school year may be reflected in these pages .... 

The Editor. 

Mid-Continent Engraving Company 

Thompson Photographic Laboratories 

The Butler County News